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With or without 3D Secure

Shopify – with or without 3D Secure?

We have two different integration methods you can use with Shopify, but they each work a little differently. For example, one of the integrations work with 3D Secure, while the other does not. 

Here you can see the difference between the two integrations: 

Integration with 3D Secure – find instructions here
  • Works with 3D Secure
  • Uses Bambora's payment window
  • It is not possible to process payments from Shopify – you have to log into your Bambora administration to withdraw, credit and delete payments.

Integration without 3D Secure – find instructions here 
  • Does not work with 3D Secure
  • Uses Shopify’s payment window
  • It is possible to process payments from Shopify, meaning you can withdraw, credit and delete payments directly from Shopify’s backend.

Since some acquirers require you use 3D Secure, it is important that you choose the right integration for your needs.

Whether you use Bambora or Shopify's payment window is a matter of preference. 

Click here to read more about 3D Secure

See more details about the two integration methods below.

1. Process payments from Shopify

Integration with 3D Secure: 
You cannot process payments from Shopify. You have to log into your Bambora administration to withdraw, credit and delete payments. 

Integration without 3D Secure: 
You can process payments directly from Shopify’s administration. Therefore, you do not have to log into your Bambora administration. 

You withdraw payments when your viewing the individual order – click on the order number to the left to view the entire order. First you press ‘Accept Payment', then you enter the amount you wish to withdraw. Press ‘Accept this amount’ and the payment is withdrawn.

2. Order number

Integration with 3D Secure:
Please note that the order number in Shopify does not match the order number in the Bambora administration.

Find the order, click on ‘Order History’ at the bottom of the order. Under ‘Information from the gateway’ you will find Orderid – this is the order number in ePay. 

Note that the order number under ‘Order History’ gets a number added at the end*. In other words, if the order number is 2564 in Shopify, it will be 25641 in Bambora. 

*If it’s the first payment on the order, the number 1 is added. If it’s the second payment, the number 2 is added, and so on.

Integration without 3D Secure:
Like the above, but with the addition that the letter 'c' is added in the beginning of order numbers. Therefore, order number 2564 in Shopify becomes c25641 in Bambora.