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Shopify without 3D Secure

Installation in Shopify - without 3D Secure

Bambora's payment module for Shopify makes it easy to accept payments on your webshop.

As Bambora is already integrated with Shopify’s solution, there is no installation required. The only thing you need is a Bambora account.

Please note that this integration method uses Shopify's own payment window. To use Bambora's payment window, follow the instructions here

Create your account now, so you can try our module today.
Important - 3D Secure

This module DOES NOT support 3D Secure (Verified by Visa/Mastercard SecureCode). If you want our module, that supports 3D Secure, please follow the instructions here.

Visa/Dankort is recognized as a Visa-card. Therefore, Visa card has to be activated in your Shopify administration.

1. Create Bambora account

To test Bambora with Shopify all you need is a Bambora test account. A test account is free and only takes a few minutes to create. When your account is registered, you will receive a test merchant number, which you will need to make test payments through the module. 

Create your free test account

Please state that you want a test account in the comment field in step 2. Disregard all listed prices. 

After you tried the module and ready to accept real payments, we will upgrade your test account to a production account so you do not have to create a new account.

2. How to install Bambora's module in Shopify

Log into your Shopify administration. Go to Preferences -> Checkout & Payment.

Find ‘Credit Card Gateways’ under Accept Credit Cards and choose ‘ePay / Payment Solutions’ from the dropdown menu (see image 1). 

Enter your merchant number in the field “Merchant number”. This is either a test merchant number or a production merchant number. 

Enter the domain, from which your Shopify shop is running, in the field “Referrer URL”. E.g. 

It is important that you also enter this domain in your Bambora administration in Settings -> Payment System

Save your installations by pressing ‘Activate’ at the bottom the Accept Credit Card box.

3. Test the payment module

Only the following test card works in Shopify:

Expiry date and CVV/CVC are optional.

Please note: Since the card is recognized as a Visa card, you have to activate Visa cards in your Shopify settings.
Complete a purchase on your webshop as if you were a regular customer. Use the abovementioned card information. 

When the payment is completed, the order process is done. The order is placed, and Bambora received the payment information.